Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hello family and friends and people who are far away! Things have been going really well lately. Time is flying by soooo fast right now! I can't believe it! My second transfer is more than halfway over! I liked the letter from Emily, but she sounded half asleep haha because she wrote it at 1 in the morning. I really enjoyed Alesha's e-mail! It was super funny! I liked the story about free corn! It sounds like Alesha and Andrew are having tons of fun! And I'm glad they decided to name the baby Lucy. That will be a good boy or girl name. That is super awesome that uncle Chris got you BYU season tickets! That will be so awesome! I met one of his players today. He is serving in this mission. His name is Elder Lakip. He played for BYU soccer before his mission, and he plans on playing for them next year. He's really good.

Alesha, you asked if we drink weird drinks here. Yes, we do. Some of them are really good! And some of them are lacking goodness, but we drink them anyway. OH, and if you want to, e-mail is fine if it is easier for you. And you could spend that 44 cents on Ramen noodles instead of stamps since you are in college and everything. But whatever floats your boat.

So yesterday we had a super fun preparation day! Almost everybody in the whole mission (200 missionaries) went to Bell Gardens and we played tons of SOCCER!!!!!! It was soooo fun to play soccer again! And it was really fun to meet the other missionaries in the mission. We're really blessed to be able to meet together so much because we have such a tiny mission. Oh yeah, and I have had a nasty tanline where my collar is, and my white skin got burned in the sun because I was wearing excercise clothing. My watch tanline faded a little bit too, but it will be back in no time!

You are probably wondering why I'm e-mailing on tuesday instead of monday. We apparently yesterday was part of the holiday weekend, so the libraries were closed, so we are e-mailing today instead.

Hey mom, guess what I had for lunch today? DOUGHNUTS!!!!!! 6 of them. I know that is an unhealthy choice, but they were so good.

Haha, the other day we were tracting and we ran into a guy that wanted to bash with us. His door said "No Jehovah's Witnesses", and he was really passionate about his religion. He hardly let us talk and he kept reading us stuff out of some bible reference book. As we were leaving he said "don't let your religion destroy you". We wouldn't preach it if we didn't know that it brings eternal salvation, so it wasn't much of a faith-shaking experience. There are a lot of people here who are really smart with bible things. But we know that the fullness of the gospel comes with the Book of Mormon and modern revelation. The Book of Mormon is so awesome! It is so full of truth! I figured today that the Book of Mormon is a record of over a thousand years! From the time Lehi left Jerusalem to the time Moroni buried the record was over one thousand years! And the best part is that the same principles are taught throughout the whole book. There is no doubt in my mind that it is true.

The 4th of July was a pretty interesting day haha. We weren't allowed to proselyte after 6 or 7 so we all got together as a zone and had a "deep doctrine" activity. They usually play baseball or have a BBQ or something, but it was Sunday so we couldn't do that stuff. We weren't allowed to watch fireworks so we went back to our apartment and heard the BANG BOOM BANG for a long time. By the time I come home I will have missed being home for four 4th of Julys in a row!

The work is going well here. We have been getting a lot of referalls lately from the English Elders, so we have been busy running around trying to set up appointments and teach lessons. We have a family we are teaching who we have been trying to get to church for the past couple of weeks. They came on Sunday!...But the doors were locked so they couldn't get in the church! And we had a confirmation on Sunday, but she was late for church so she missed it. Big let-downs, but next week will be better.

We met our new mission president on Saturday! He seems like a really nice guy. His name is President Baker, and his wife's name is Sister Baker haha, and together they are President and Sister Baker. Sister Baker seems pretty shooken up by everything, but President Baker is doing really well. They have lived all over the place, including Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., and Utah. They were living just outside the boundaries of our mission when they were called to serve here, so they aren't too far from some of their family. They came to the soccer activity yesterday. He knows my name too! He has been stuying everybody's names so he knows all of his missionaries.

Mom, that jam is super good, and it's almost gone.

Thank you so much for everything you do! I love you all very much! Sometimes, when times get really hard, I like to think of my family and all the support I have, and it makes things easier. Keep being awesome! It is really good to hear from you! I know that this gospel will help us live together someday, and I am very grateful for that. I have the best family in the whole world! I couldn't ask for more. This is the work of the Lord, and it is going forth!

With love,

Elder Watkins

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