Monday, December 20, 2010




Another good week. The weather has really slowed us down, but we are still try hard to visit people. Elder Deleon is a good missionary. He is excited to do the work and has a good knowledge of the Gospel. He and Elder Doh are pretty quiet during lessons, but they are getting better. We are doing role plays during companionship study so they get more comfortable teaching. Elder Deleon loves this mission, and we are trying hard to train him well so he can be a great missionary when he goes to Brazil. He and Elder Doh will be speaking in Sacrament meeting next week. Our area is doing well. We have quite a few progressing investigators, but none of them came to church this week. It was disappointing, but we will keep trying. hard to get them to church. The family has quite a few Word of Wisdom problems, so we are going to push their baptismal date back a few weeks. We won't end up having any baptisms this month, but they will be happening in the near future. All is well in Zion (Hawthorne). We have been finding some good success in getting some less actives from the Tongan ward back to church. Our area is full of less active members, so we have spent a good deal of time trying to get them to come back to church. One of the families we are working with is a part member family, and there is always a nonmember who sits in and listens, so we are hoping to start teaching the non-members and invite them the best we can.


I have never seen weather like this in my life! It has been raining for 4 days straight! It rains all day long! We are soaked everywhere we go because we are on bikes. Aparently this is pretty crazy weather for Los Angeles! I can't believe how much it has rained! We haven't even seen the sun since last thursday! But the work keeps on going. We are working hard and trying to do our best.

Yesterday wasn't a very good day at chruch. Nobody came again. But they are doing fairly well in other aspects. An investigator seems to be gaining a stronger testimony. We went over to his house last week and he was pretty drunk. We tried teaching him, but it didn't do much good. So we came back another couple of times so we could teach him while he could think straight. He has a lot of doubts, and he says he doesn't want to live a few of the commandments, but he is gaining a testimony. A few weeks ago we left him with the Restoration DVD, and he told us he watched it 26 times since then! He really likes it, and he shares it with his family! But we have a few kinks to work out before he can get baptized. And we found out that he is only on probation until February! So we will work on that. He is probably about 27 years old, and he lives at home, and he is an Americanized Latino. Pray for him so that he will come to church. A really cool black lady, didn't come to church this week either. She had a pretty good excuse with a 10 minute story to go along with it though. Then We found out about some Word of Wisdom problems that we will have to work out before they can get baptized. Plus one is on probation until this summer, so he will have to wait for that to finish up before he can get baptized.

Hey mom, I had a small accident on my bike and I ripped a hole in my slacks, so I sewed them up this morning!

Elder Deleon is a neat guy. He is my new trainee! He is from Atlanta Georgia. He is waiting on his visa to go to Brazil, so he could leave within a few days, or it could be a few months. We are just waiting for the phone call. He is a good hard worker. He is pretty quiet, but he will break out of it soon.

Thank you for the packages! I got a lot of letters and packages this past week! Mom! I really like the Christmas tree! It put all of the pictures up! And I will work on the tinsel and snow later. Thanks for the package from the Merrell Grandparents! I really really like it! Those socks will be a really good addition to all my socks with holes! The food is all good too! And I really liked the pictures you sent. I have to admit, I got a little emotional when I saw all the pictures of family and everything. I'm really excited to call home this week! One of my companions will probably call Friday night and set up a time to call for Saturday. I will call Grandpa's phone first, and if that doesn't work I will call dad's! I can't wait to hear everybody's voices again! I sound more like a man now. Hey mom, I haven't opened the presents yet. That's some good self-control that I didn't have before! Remember when I used to always find the presents way before Christmas? Not this year.

I love going to peoples' homes and sharing our Christmas message. Christmas time is the best time of year. My companion, Elder Doh, is from Burma. In his country most of the people a Buddists,and don't believe in Christ, but they still celebrate Christmas. Everybody recoginizes this Holiday. Some don't know why they celebrate it, but we do. This is a great time to remember Christ. A time when we can mention His name everywhere we go. And everybody can talk about Him, and it's "politically correct". We shout out "Merry Christmas" in all our acts as missionaries. We talk about Him, testify of Him, and invite others to come unto Him. Merry Christmas to everybody. I hope it is a good one.

I love you all!,

Elder Ross Watkins

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