Monday, July 11, 2011

CLAM (California Los Angeles Mission)

This is an older picture when Ross had his bike stolen during an appointment. They came out and it was gone; the situation is a typical missionary moment.

Welp, here we are again! 5 days later! We had a good week. Saddly, we had quite a few investigators miss out on church this past week, but we still had 2 of them there. J, who is waiting for paperwork from Guatemala to get married, is doing really well. She has been going to church for years with her "husband" (not married), and is basically a member. It's just a waiting process, and we are trying to push them to hurry up so she can get baptized! We also had an investigator show up who hasn't been to church in a long time! He is a man from Panama. I remember seeing him last year! Maybe he'll make some progress this time. We'll do our part to invite him to do so. But everybody else bailed out. But that's ok, we will just do better next week!
We had a tragedy happen with a couple of our investigators! We took them to the ward activity and they had a really bad experience! Yikes! They come from a different religious background, and they were shocked by some of the things that happened at the ward party. In the church they come from music and dancing isn't allowed, and the ward had a dance after the dinner. We didn't stick around for the whole thing because we don't dance, and we had to be back at the apartment, but please pray for them. Her children were also showing her some anti-mormon material on the internet. She has an enormous testimony, and satan can obviously see that she would be a great addition to God's church, and he will do everything he can to stop her from getting baptized. Please pray for them. That would mean a lot to us and them.
On a nicer note, I got to go on splits to a really awesome area! It's an area called "The Jungle", and it covers the geographical area of "Baldwin Hills". It was a crazy area! There are a lot of hills. The area is about 75% black and probably 24% Latino, 1% white, and probably the other 1% would be classified as "other". It is a crazy area! Lots of activity, people, and streets lined with palm trees. I had fun riding a bike around again! We taught some nice lessons, and I got the chance to work with a different companion.
So, I had forgotten how interesting this ward was. Ask for stories after I come home.
I'm about to finish the BoM again! That book is SUPER TRUE! I love the stories and the doctrine. During my time here I have learned the importance of this book. It really is the key of our religion. I'm really grateful for all the men who dedicated their lives to bringing this book to us in these last days. Each time I read it I get new insites, or something new sticks out to me. WOOHOO! Good book. I'll give it a 10. And two thumbs up. And a testimony that it is the word of God. Amen!
Well, sorry to say it, but I don't have any really crazy stories or anything for you this week. But I will leave you with my testimony. The Sacrament is true. It is like being baptized each week, and the spirit is strong. I'm grateful for the concept of repentance and the simplicity of the gospel. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. We can be saved with our families through Him, He just asks us to do our part. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I love you!
Elder Ross Watkins from the CLAM!

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