Monday, August 1, 2011

Trainer and District Leader

Dearest family! This past week was super crazy! We have been working so hard and teaching tons of people! Guess what!? An investigator got baptized!!!!! It was awesome! We have been working really hard with another investigator, and she has a baptismal date for next Sunday. She was going to be baptized yesterday, but we ran in to some minor difficulties with the husband. But everything will be alright. Another is still waiting on divorce papers from Guatemala, so her baptism will be a little bit down the road. But she is super solid. Also, "V", she is waiting on her baptism because she wants to be sure she is making the right decision. She will have to make some big changes in order to make that covenant with God. But pray for her, and things will work out. After seeing her sister get baptized she has a true desire to change and be baptized as well. The baptism also helped their mom come back to church! She has been away from the church for many eons, and now she's back!!! She will be an awesome member of the church. She already has friends and everything in the ward.
Yesterday was a really nerveracking Sunday. It always feels like you're standing on the edge of a cliff looking down at the lake before jumping in. You never know for sure who is going to make it to church. Sometimes it hurts when you hit, and sometimes you go in the water nice and smooth. Yesterday was a tall cliff, and it only slapped a little when I hit the water because we had about half of our people come to church. My companion spoke in church. He has really good Spanish! It was a great talk. Then I got to play the "We Thank Thee oh God for a Prophet" piano arrangement after his talk. My companion said people cried. Probably because of all the wrong notes I hit! Haaha it's been a long time since I've performed a piano solo. I also got to play the organ for the hymns! It was awesome! I knew that organ class would come in handy. Hey mom, remember how you always told me I would use my music skills on my mission. Well, you could call that prophecy coming true. It's great. Then we had the baptism. I'm the official pianist for baptismal services. I played an arrangement of "When I am Baptized" from the childrens' song book, and my companion sang to it. It was really nice. Then my companion performed the baptism. Then we went to the "Departing Missionary Fireside" for my companion. Since our mission is so small, we have all the departing missionaries meet in a chapel, and they invite all their recent converts, investigators, and people they worked with, to come listen to their last testimony. My poor companion is dying tomorrow. He has already started dying. "Some say he stinketh, but to me he doth not stink". He has been an awesome companion! Super hard worker. And he's going out with a BAM! His parents are coming to pick him up, and he will stay for a week. So he's going to be here for our baptisms next Sunday!
So I just had an interview with president. I have some exciting news! I get to train next transfer! I get a fresh new missionary!!! He also asked me to be a district leader. Which means I'm keeping the car. I will be staying in Jefferson Park. We will baptize. I love changes. Really fun. Welp, I love you so much! Thanks for all the candy and dinero. I'm excited for the drink mixes! Thanks for Cory's letter too! It's always good to hear from him. And thanks for your letter mom! I love you! Have an awesome week. I testify that this church is God's true church. Jesus Christ is our Savior!
Love, Elder Watkins

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