Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Christmas morning in front of the "fake back drop" we sent him.
Ross with the Elders he came out with from the MTC, all going home February 29th.

Baptism of kids from his first area, got to go back and see them baptized.

Christmas went really well! We did some caroling for service and had a nice Christmas day. The Christmas Eve mission devotional went really well! There were lots of really nice musical numbers, and Elder Maddox and I were able to pull off a nice organ/piano duet. We knocked their socks off!
Today we played basketball as a zone. I'm still not very good at that sport, but it sure is fun!
I received nice packages from both grandparents Watkins and Merrell! Thank you!
Thanks for all the food and stuff! Just remember mom, you can't blame it ALL on me if I have a zillion cavities when I get home. But I try to brush at least once a month haha jkjk. I brush daily. And I floss. You would be proud of my good hygienically advanced habits I have developed as a missionary! But no matter how much I wash my hair, it continues falling out. It's inevitable. I'm going bald.
We are moving in to a new month, which means a new zone goal! This past month wasn't as successful as we were hoping for a a zone, but that will hopefully change next month! We will be meeting with the District Leaders tomorrow to put it together. Elder Oroczo and I set some goals this morning for our area for next month. We are shooting for 5 baptisms in our area! It's a really high goal, but we think we can reach it with some help from heaven!
Also, I got a call from Jefferson Park telling me that Marisol's kids were going to get baptized! So I got to go down again to watch the baptism! I attached a picture!
I am very grateful for this restored church! I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God! I'm about to finish it, and 3 Nephi never ceases to amaze me! The ministry of Christ amongst the Nephites is an amazing record, and I feel the Spirit every time I read it! I love you! Have a great week!
Elder Watkins

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