Monday, January 9, 2012

Wallet stolen and Korean BBQ

This is the sort of thing that terrifies a mother of a missionary!
Assessing the damage.
Ross says this restaurant has great food, it looks a little sketchy to me.
Eating lunch today at a Korean BBQ Restaurant.

What a crazy week! I'll start with the most exciting/crazy part. The wallet. The story goes something like this:
So on Wednesday morning we were in our apartment talking about parking tickets we needed to pay. Then we realized that we would need to get one of the tickets out of our car so that we could send it to the mission office. So we stepped outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather all the way to our car. Then when we arrived at the car we noticed that we had parked in a "no parking zone" for Wednesday, and we had a big fat ticket on our windshield. We were pretty bummed about that. Then my companion said, "Hey, somebody broke into our car." I looked over and saw that somebody had bashed in the front right window of the car!!! They had gotten into the car and shuffled through all the stuff in the dash and the glove box! We were pretty startled about it all, and decided to call it into the mission office to inform them. Ticket in hand, we made the walk back to our apartment in the beautiful California sun. I turned to my companion and said "Well, the good thing is that our day can only get better from now on." We got back to the apartment and I realized that things weren't about to get much better when I checked my backpack to get my wallet out and realized that I had left it in the car the night before!!! We went straight back to the car to find that my wallet had been stolen!! I immediately called the financial missionaries in the mission office to make sure my mission credit card as well as my home credit cards got canceled before it was too late. The robber had already made 5 hits on my mission credit card and spent over $100! But the worst part is that my drivers license was in my wallet. I called President Baker to inform him. I don't have driving privileges anymore, and my companion hasn't had driving privileges for a long time. So we found ourselves in a pickle. A big, fat, juicy pickle. Because in the zone leader areas we are required to have a car. We didn't spend too much time mourning the loss, and just went out to work old fashion style, on foot. We had splits arranged with the Korean missionaries, so we ended up doing that the rest of the day. Then the next day we walked, and had a pretty good day with a new investigator! Then we got the long awaited phone call from President telling us what would happen with our handicapped companionship. He assigned a new missionary to come in with us for a couple weeks, until the end of the transfer, to drive for us! Haha he calls himself the "Zone Leader Chauffeur"! Things are going well. We have had some great success the past few days, and the work keeps going, no matter what tries to get in the way. Chances are pretty good that I will get sent to a new area next transfer to fix the situation haha. The only thing I'm worried about is getting some ID. As of right now I have nothing to prove that I am me. We'll see what happens. We got the car fixed, so all is well with that.
So that is the wallet story. I am a poor man now. But all is good. The work is the same. We set a baptismal date for Saturday! We have another baptismal date for January 22nd! (and her tough I love you all!
Elder Watkins

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