Monday, June 21, 2010


Hi, it's me again. Elder Watkins. Things are going well out here. Dad you had a question about my area. You said you wanted to look it up on Google Earth. Basically, just type in Los Angeles, California, and you will see the general area where I live. I Live a little bit south and west of Downtown. Right in the middle of all the other suburbs haha. I'm probably about halfway between Santa Monica and Downtown. If you are able to, look up the crossroads of "Jefferson Blvd." and "Crenshaw Blvd.", and that is in the middle of my area. My area has a lot more houses than my last area, which had tons of apartments. The Spanish and English ratio is probably 50/50. Anyway, that's for you dad. Oh, and you wanted to know about tracting. We tract. The standard of excelence for our mission is 6 hours of tracting per week, so I guess it's not that much. Right now we are doing a lot of searching for former investigators and referrals. We got a big list of referrals last week, so we are out trying to find them. We get lots of bike riding in each week. It's nice to do the Lord's work and get some exercise at the same time haha.
The other day we had a miracle!!! It may not seem like much, but I believe the Lord helped us out. We were out tracting and talking to different people. We were talking to a woman who didn't seem very interested and we walked out of her yard and we were planning where we were going to go next, when we saw a man standing at his fence. He just stood there and looked at us. As we walked by we started talking to each other. We found out that he was a member of the church. He was baptized about 6 years ago in Central America. He hasn't been to church for years, and he lives with his girlfriend and their two kids, who aren't members! We set up with him, and we have been visiting them. We are hoping to help get them married and baptize his wife! It was amazing to see somebody just waiting for us to come by and talk to them! The Lord definitely puts people in our paths.
We are having Zone Conference this week, and I found out that my companion and I will be singing with some Sisters for a musical number! Haha it is really fun to stay involved with music out here.
Last week we had a really good experience at the Los Angeles Temple. The whole mission got together, and we had a massive session all together. The mission president was there, along with his wife and the Senior Missionaries. There were over 200 people there, and we all went together. We had a special meeting before hand in a large chapel, and then we went to the session. This temple is SO BIG! We almost filled it up. Then afterward we had a big meal with all the missionaries in the cafeteria.
Today there was a man who just wanted to bash with us. I didn't like it.

Basically everywhere we go we find out about how the Lakers are doing. There are a lot of fans here, go figure. Los Angeles went crazy the other night when the Lakers won the finals. We were riding our bikes at about 8 at night, and many of the houses we rode by had people cheering and making noise. It wasn't a very good time to find people to teach the Gospel. For some reason the Laker's game is more important. After they won there were fireworks and gunshots and a lot of really happy Laker's fans. I heard they are having a big special parade for them today. LAME. If only people appreciated the gospel as much as they did basketball....
Lately I have been reading in Jesus the Christ. That book is truly inspired, and is full of wonderful facts about the Saviour. It is hard to read, but I highly recommend it to everybody! It has strengthened my testimony of Jesus Christ so much. I love reading about His parables. The way he taught the people was so perfect. I think I finally understand why He told parables that are hard to understand. He told them because he wanted to learn for themselves and learn by the Spirit. Plus, He didn't want to "cast the pearls before swine". Thus, when people didn't understand His parables, it was simply because they were too hard hearted, and they weren't ready to understand His message. I have noticed that the more opportunities I have to study the Gosple, the more excited I get about it. There is way too much to understand all at once. It takes constant study, dedication, and the Spirit to understand Holy things.
Anyway, how is everybody doing? I'm doing very well. I'm really excited to get mom's jam in the mail! We don't get mail until friday, but I don't think my tastebuds can wait that long!!!!!!!! Oh well. How are all the cousins? It was really good to hear from David and Ronda's family a couple weeks ago! And I really liked the pictures from Jordan and Tonya! I hope the pictures I sent in the mail got home safely. I really wish I could figure a way to send pictures electronically. By the time I get home, my parents are going to know more about electronics than me. That's an embarrassment to the rising generation.
They are getting ready to destroy the mission home. Sad day. The new mission office will be in the basement of the new visitor's center behind the Temple. The new mission president will be living in an apartment until the new mission home is completed.
I know this church is true. It is such an amazing thing that is happening right now. We are so blessed to be part of it. Each one of us! I like what the Joseph Smith movie says "Shall we not go forth in so great a work?". Right now we have the greatest thing on earth. We have all the reason in the world to be the happiest people in the world. I am so grateful for it. I am so grateful for my family who raised me in the right path. And I am so grateful that we are able to live together forever after this life. The Gospel is simple. It is perfect. I know that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the Chilren of God.
Oh, I need to tell you the bad news. I'M NOT ALLOWED TO RECEIVE E-MAILS FROM ANY ONE BUT IMMEDIATE FAMILY. I recently found that out from my companion. It's a mission rule. So I'm not allowed to receive them from aunt Tonya anymore. Not my rules, but I have to follow them.
Lately I have had a burning desire to go to the BYU Jerusalem center after my mission!!!!! I want to go there with cousin Sam SOOOOO bad! we will see. I love you all. Keep being the best family ever! Thank you for your prayers. Best of luck to you all in everything! I love you mom, dad, alesha, andrew, emily, lindsey! Vaya con Dios.
With love,
Elder R.M. Watkins

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