Friday, June 11, 2010


How is everything going at home?? Things are changing big-time here! We have transfers on wednesday!!!!!! The whole mission is splitting from bilingual to Spanish/English on wednesday!!!! I found out that I'm going to a new area. My current companion and I are going to flush the area. Flushing two times in a row!!!! That rarely happens. It is going to be hard work, but nothing is too hard for a servant of the Lord. We are going to be Spanish missionaries! That means no more teaching in English and Spanish, and no more covering an English ward and a Spanish ward! We are going to be assigned to Barrio Sexto (Spanish 6th ward), and we will be teaching only in Spanish! This is a good thing that they are making the mission like this, because we will be able to focus on one ward rather than split the attention between English and Spanish wards. I don't know too much else about the transfers yet. We're not even supposed to know yet, but my companion is a former AP, so he has his ways. Not my fault haha.
I feel like I am getting really fat. I don't want to be a fatty, but it is sneaking up on me. The other day I was looking at pictures in my camera, and I saw a headshot of me before I left, and I thought "wow, I looked good". Then I looked in the mirror, and my thoughts weren't quite the same. Even my companion says my face cheeks look fatter. Oh well, "let happen what may, and love it". I think James E. Faust said that, but I'm not sure.
While I have been out here I have learned a really good lesson. I have learned that attitude is everything. I have seen a lot of missionaries who have the right attitude, and a lot who don't have the right attitude that a missionary should have. Even for myself, I have noticed that it is so much easier to get angry, and it is a lot harder to crack a smile. But looking at the bright side of things makes everything a whole lot better. This can be applied to all aspects of life too. It reminds me of the plan of satan, and the Plan of God. Satan wanted life to be easy, with no progression. It is easy to be angry, and not progress. God's plan was to push through trials--which is a lot harder--and move forward. It all makes sense.
Hey mom, if it's possible, you should make me some chicken pinwheels for me, and send them to me in a heated, insulated package. That would be really appreciated. Thanks!
Oh, and good news: I will probably be playing the piano in the Spanish ward every week. And it doesn't matter if I don't know the song, because nobody will notice.
Being in L.A. I am really up to date with what is going on in the world. I pretty much see all the hit movies out on billboards, and everywhere we go there is music. It seems imposible to escape the world here. As missionaries in L.A., we basically define the term "in the world, but not of the world". It will be a relief to come home and step out of the world haha.
Speaking of home, how is it? Has Liam filtered my room yet? Is Andrew still alive? I still haven't heard from ALESHA!!!!!! Who does she think she is? Oh well, I guess I will just hold her gifts here until she decides to be my relative again haha!
Last night I went to the President's Fireside. It is a special fireside given by the mission president, and it is geared toward recent converts. The meeting was very inspiring and uplifting. He spoke a lot about revelation. He said that we are part of a "Living Gospel". The reason why the church is thriving is because it is lead by Jesus Christ Himself. Each of us has the ability to receive revelation. It is important that we constantly strive to learn more by revelation. It is also important that we strive to have the Spirit with us at all times. Think of how much happier we would be if we focused more on having the Spirit always.
Last night I saw a ghetto-car with hydraulics and everything. I'm getting one of those when I come home. Oh yeah, happy Father's day in a few weeks. I might as well say it now while I remember, because I'll probably forget when the time is ripe. Dad, you are the best and I love you tons! Thank you so much for raising me so well! I hope someday I can be as great as you! By the way, how is gospel doctrine teacher going? Is the summer weather nice? In my area we don't have sunrises. It is extremely smoggy and cloudy every morning. So the sun kind of appears around 9 or 10 or 11, depending on the day. Summer smog is very thick here. On a regular day I am able to see the mountains and the Hollywood sign, but the other day I could barely even see the outline of the mountains! It is gross!! One of the Elders told me that he heard that over the period of 2 years, I will breath a cinder block of pollution and smog! AHHHHH!!!!!!! My companion says it is nasty in the summer until it rains, then it clears up. But there's only one problem: it doesn't rain very often. OH well.
Well, this is the end. The work of the Lord is still moving forward. No matter what the situation in the world is, nothing can stop this great and marvelous work! I am proud to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I know this church is true. Nothing could persuade me otherwise. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Brother, and He Lives!
I love you all! Keep being strong!
Your son/brother/nephew/cousin/grandson/friend/colleague/acquaintance/buddy/future uncle?/and amigo,

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