Tuesday, October 12, 2010


hELLO! First BIG NEWS! RICHARD SOSTRE GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!!!! It was really really awesome! We've been working really hard with him since June or July, and now he has finally entered the waters of baptism. It has been amazing to see him find comfort in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a gospel of repentance and CHANGE! And he has changed a lot for the better. We set his baptismal date for this past sunday, and we had the baptismal service organized and everything, WOO! Sure makes me glad to be a missionary for our Lord!

Transfers are tomorrow! I think I'm staying in my area for at least one more transfer, which is a good thing because we have so many good people to teach right now! Elder Cruz has been called to go be a trainer next transfer, so he'll be leaving tomorrow and I'll get a new companion. I've learned a lot from Elder Cruz; lots of Spanish, teaching skills, and how to work well with the ward. So now, thanks to him, I'm a better missionary.

Funny stories! The other day Elder Cruz told me that I sat up during my sleep and started quoting a scripture!!! Also, I've started dreaming in Spanish! I hear that is a good sign! And, the other night, I was having a dream, and Cory Seitz said something really funny, and I laughed so hard that I woke myself up!!! I didn't even know that was possible!!

Elder Cruz and I were riding our bikes last week, and I rode over some weeds that were growing on the sidewalk. Then I heard a sound as I was riding, so I looked down, and saw that my front tire was covered in THORNS! I started laughing, then we stopped and looked at my tires and they were COVERED IN HUNDREDS OF THORNS! Both my tires were caked in little pokies! So we scraped all the thorns off, and I heard lots of air coming out of my back tire, so we blazed back home! I was riding on the rim by the time we arrived at our apartment. I took the tube out and I found six holes (which is a miracle, because there were TONS of thorns). The tube already had 5 patches in it from previous flats too! We didn't have enough patches, but then I found another tube in our apartment which only had one hole in it. So I patched up that tube and we were off again! Amazingly, my front tire survived with only minor injuries.

So that is all the crazy stories I can think of.

I don't have my camera today, so I won't be able to send pictures. oops. I'm pretty sure you remember what I look like. If you forgot already, fear not, I will send pictures next week.

I'm excited to hear that you are moving this week!!!!!! I really want to see pictures of the house! Dry Fork! We will have lots of fun up there! (Dad, we are building a potato gun when I get home)

Hey mom, remember how you said that I would use my music skills here. Guess what? You were right! Again. I get to play for sacrament meeting each week, and for lots of other church meetings! It is great! And guess what? I'm learning new hymns. So MAYBE I'll be better than you when I get home.

How good are Alesha's hearing aids? I'll bet she could hear Jordan yell "DIRT" from Vernal. Mom, you asked what the majority of the culture is here. It really just depends on the area. In my area we have lots of people from El Salvador and Guatemala and Mexico. There are also people from Belize. And many other places too. And yes, there are tons of stores where we can buy Latino food!

Well, it has been an awesome week in Los Angeles. The work is going really well. We are finding and teaching lots! We are doing our best to find the people that have been prepared for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are lots of ready people, it's just up to us to find them and help them find the fullness of the Gospel. I know that this Church is true. It has the power to take a regular person and transform them into a servant of God. I'm grateful God has given me the opportunity to serve as a missionary so I can help others and grow personally at the same time. Jesus is the Christ. We have living revelation. And we are all part of this great and last harvest. I have all the reason in the world to be the happiest man on earth! I love you all, and I pray for you. I'm glad the family is doing well. I'm really glad to have a family based in the Gospel. Keep doing good and stay strong, and the Lord will bless you. Good luck moving. I wish I could help, but I have something more awesome to do haha! May God be with you and guide you where you should go!


Your loving son, friend, relative, or mere aquantiance,

Elder R. Watkins

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