Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Our district from last transfer

Richards baptism
My companion Elder Karnes

Hi! We had another good week in L.A.! We have been working with the ward mission leader and the other missionaries in our ward, and we set up a big Family Home Evening for investigators and recent converts! It was good! We held it outside a member's house! And we watched a short movie, then we had the ward missionaries give short talks, then we had a recent convert share her testimony and conversion story. Then we had TONS of refreshments. Wow! If you ask Latinos to bring food, there will be lots! Mom, you asked some questions. We eat with members from our ward almost every night. Sometimes it makes for some long bike rides, but it is good! There are lots of members who are willing to feed the missionaries! Sometimes our investigators feed us too! I think that is how Latinos show their love for people. And if you don't eat all the food, or you don't want some of it, they get offended! So I eat TONS of food. I haven't been gaining much weight. I'm only about 10 pounds heavier than when I entered the MTC, but my clothes are getting tighter. I am a man! On Halloween we aren't allowed to work after 6 p.m. I really miss carving pumpkins! The weather is cooling off, but it doesn't get cold here. There are some trees that lose some of their leaves, but for the most part everything is green. It will be really weird when winter comes and there isn't any snow!
Hey! I need the new Bishop's information, our new address, our new ward, and stake information and everything because the mission home needs to know about all changes like that. It is really neat to hear about the new home! It sounds REALLY AWESOME! It is neat to hear that you are going "unplugged" for a little while! That sounds like a really good idea! You can feel like a missionary for a little while! We always have to ask people to turn off their TVs when we go over to their houses, unless they turn it off themselves. Sometimes we teach lessons when there are tons of distractions! It is really hard to focus! The worst is when we teach lessons outside and there are helicopters flying around and cars driving back and forth and sirens going off! This is a loud place! It still amazes me how big this city is. You can drive forever and ever and never get out of the city! Just straight buildings and houses! We have been meeting tons of homeless people lately. They ask us for food and money a lot because they think we are rich. We never give them money, but we do offer to buy them food (I learned that from uncle Weldon). The other day this woman wanted 50 cents, and I told her "no", but that I would buy her a sandwich instead. I asked her why she wanted the money and she said it was because she wanted to buy a beer. I offered to still buy her a sandwich, but she didn't accept because she just wanted money for a beer!
Hey! Do you have Cory's new mission address?? He is way over on the other side of the world now and I want to write him a letter!
Well, I don't have much time today! We need to hop on our bikes and blaze down to a dinner appointment a few miles away. I know this church is true! It has power to change lives! I'm really grateful for my awesome family! I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you! I love you all, Mom, Dad, Alesha, Andrew, Emily, and Lindsey! Stay happy and strong in the gospel! Because nothing else will last forever!
Muchy love!,
Elder R. Watkins

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