Thursday, November 4, 2010


This is at a ward activity, we had a El Dia de Espandid (Hispanic Day), it was a big ward party with losts of tables set up representing the different countries in our ward (Peru, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala,Hondouras) We set up a table for the missionaries with a bunch of missionary and church materials. Missionaries don't usually get to go to these things but we were there for a missionary purpose, and we could stay if we had people there. This is were I met Lilia, Julio's wife, and she is getting baptized this month!

A dinner appointment with Julio and Lilia.

Me, with a chapoline in my mouth.

These are chapolines (grasshoppers), they are really tasty!

HELLO! Hi! It's me again! haha! We've had a super week again! WOOO I don't even know where to start. First off, I finally feel like Spanish is really clicking in my brain! About time eh? Haha! We have been working hard and speaking lots of Spanish, so that helps a lot!
We have been working hard with him for the past couple months. He was supposed to be baptized this past Sunday, but he couldn't get work off, so we will be holding the service this next Sunday! He is a super guy with really strong faith. He has had TONS of BIG trials in his life, but now the Lord has guided him to the correct path of eternal happiness! Awesome! wife is in the USA for a little while to visit. It turns out that she has been meeting with the missionaries down in Mexico! She will be here for a while, and she wants us to baptize her!!!!!!! WOW! She seems like a really awesome lady with really strong faith. She accepted to be baptized on the 21st of this month! We were att their house last night, and his wife made us a really good soup, and then they brought out a plate of CHAPOLINES!!!!! Remember when I was telling you about the grasshopper things they eat in Mexico?? Well, the brought a whole plate of them, and I ate many! mmmmm! Apparently they are more healthy than fish. But that's not found in the scriptures anywhere, so I'm not sure if it's true. But they are pretty tasty! You can eat their legs and everything! I'll try to attach pictures of them so you can see how delictable they look. Julio and she gave us a bag of them to take home as a special treat!
Well, today was another great temple p-day! It's super nice to be able to attend the temple! It is definitely the most peaceful place on earth. The L.A. temple Celestial Room is really really nice! It's like you walk into a dream! We are really blessed in this mission to be able to do work for the living and the dead. That is why I'm e-mailing on wednesday, because we postponed p-day for today for the temple. Hey mom, thanks for sending Elder Larsen's e-mails to me! It sure is good to hear from him! Also, I think Elder Seitz fell of the face of the earth. I haven't heard from him in eons. Hey mom, can you find out what Cody Walker's mission address is? Maybe the Larsens know???
It's really exciting to hear about the house! I can't wait to see it some day! (you should send pictures) We have been blessed a lot as a family! I really like seeing how our faith as a family has blessed us so much!
I'm really starting to love the Latino people. They are so awesome! For the most part, they are really nice, and willing to help other people out. I really want to go study abroad in a Spanish speaking country sometime after my mission. But that is too far away to talk about for now.
I saw Elder Jordan Haslem today at the temple! He has a companion from Chile, and he's really awesome! Elder Haslem has been in the same area for more than the whole time I've been here! He told me he spoke in his Spanish ward this past Sunday! It sounds like he's doing pretty well!
We have this investigator . We have been working really hard with her! The other day we had the most intense lesson I've had on my whole mission with her! She has gone to other churches, and was baptized in another church, and she has some really really deep questions. But the best way to answer deep questions is with simple answers. We are hoping she will recieve a testimony of this church by her prayers. Please pray for her so she can progress! She could be an awesome member someday! She has had lots of trials in her life, but we know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can fix anything.
It is really awesome to think of how the Lord's work is going forth across the whole world! I love thinking about my friends in their missions all over the world, and we're all doing the same thing, inviting others to come unto Christ. I know this church is true with all my heart. Alesha, your testimony in your e-mail helped to strengthen my testimony as well. We are preparing the way of the Lord, and nothing can stop this work from going forth! I'M ENLISTED IN THE MOST POWERFUL ARMY ON EARTH! What a blessing! I'm so grateful for this opportunity the Lord has given me! I love you all and pray for you!
Elder R. Watkins

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