Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So the baptisms were really awesome this past sunday! I had the pleasure of baptizing . We had to commit him a few times before he was serious about it. I've seen him change a lot! We have been teaching him since I was with Elder Hopoate I think! But now their family seems so awesome! The have two little boys who will be awesome missionaries some day! It is really awesome to help families come together. And now they will have a strong family in the gospel, because three of their daughters are preparing for baptism, one in this area, and two in Mexico! There were actually a couple times where the missionaries were teaching their daughters in Mexico at the exact same time we were visiting Lilia here with her husband!
Hey mom, thanks for Cory's address! Thanks for the packages too! YUM! I made some really good smores! I got a package from G-ma and G-pa! Lots of candy and goodies! Thank you a whole bunch!
Ahora, tengo malas/buenas noticias. Now, I have good/bad news. Transfers are tomorrow, and I'm about to see a lot of change. I have to leave Jefferson Park! NOOOO! The Lord is sending me down to Hawthorn. I don't know much about Hawthorn, but it's south of Inglewood. And I will be breaking, which means I'm getting an elder who was just barely trained. I will be the senior companion, and I think I'm staying on bike. But, here's the worst part.........THEY ARE SENDING ME TO AN ENGLISH WARD!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not too excited about that. I have been working so hard to speak Spanish, and now I'm going to be an English Elder. I do take comfort in knowing that it is what the Lord wants, though. But, I'm sure it will all turn out just fine. I felt like Spanish was really clicking lately. The Lord has blessed me a lot. During Priesthood this past sunday, they had me stand up and explain the gift of tongues, and I was able to explain, and share a short experience about learning Spanish, in the Spanish language. Hopefully they will put me in a Spanish area sometime in the future. But for now, I will do the best that I can in English.
Hey, I knew Elder Lakip! We talked about Chris a little bit. That is really nice of him to mention me to Chris!
Mom, you wanted to know the difference between Latino, Hispanic, and Chicano. Latino and Hispanic are the same thing. A Chicano is a person who was born in the USA, from parents who are Latino. My companion is kinda, partly Chicano, because his mom was born in Texas, but her parents are Mexicans. There are billions of Chicanos here. Basically all the kids our ward are Chicanos.
Happy Birthday mom! It sounds like you had a really good one! Oh yeah, I haven't received the Thanksgiving package yet, but I got the one before it just last week. I think we're a little behind on mail. Hey, I would like some international and regular stamps for Christmas. Boring, I know. Thanks for everything mom.
Emily, that is awesome that you are doing baptisms every tuesday! Keep doing that, and the Lord will bless you. That is awesome that Tyler is training! Lindsey, I'm sorry to hear about b-ball, but you will be the best manager that team has ever seen! Oh yeah, and brush your teeth so you don't get dentures some day! hahaha! I wish I could help cut down the tree this week, but I'll be busy doing the Lord's Work! Dad, sounds like the baptism was awesome. Can't wait to hear that story some day! Alesha, you are awesome!
Sorry, I don't have any time left! This church is true! Keep going forward!
Love, Elder Ross Watkins

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