Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last week of transfer #5

WOOO! Hey, I really liked the e-mail from Tania! But I have some good news for her! We are allowed to anybody in our family now! The old rule is gone! So Tania, feel free to send me e-mails, and I will respond! That includes the rest of the family too!
So we have this new thing we are doing in our mission. We are now supposed to write our letters to President through e-mail from now on. Sooo, since we don't get eternities on the computer, I will, from now on, give my report to president in my e-mails home, and I will just copy and paste it to his e-mail. That way I can let you all know at the same time. But, don't fret, I will write you all more than just my president's report. Sooooo, here goes the president's report:

I can't believe G-ma and G-pa are going on another mission! Maybe I didn't get that letter yet mom? I don't know. But that is pretty awesome! They can come work in the geneology center next to the temple here! That would be awesome! That would be sad if they left before I came home. But I'll go visit them wherever they are anyway!
Hey dad. Guess what. I've been doing 200 push-ups every morning! I'm going to be the toughest guy ever when I come home! I can almost feel my muscles breaking through my skin because they are growing so fast. You won't have a chance in an arm wrestle by the time I get back.
Happy Birthday mom! Is there anything I can send you? I think we are going to have a baptism on your birthday! So that will be awesome! Hey, mom, what is Cory's address? I haven't heard from him since he was in the MTC. How old are you going to be mom? You asked if Latinos celebrate Thanksgiving. Apparently they do. We are having a big Thanksgiving dinner this Friday night, and we are allowed to go if we bring investigators. Otherwise we can't. I miss your cooking mom. The food here is great, but nothing is like home.
Alesha is about to gradatate isn't she? I wonder if she learned anything in college. probably yes probably no.
Hey, for Christmas I get to talk on the phone for an hour, I think. That would be good to give me G-pas phone # so I can call you in Missouri. Hey mom, for Christmas I need some socks. I'm starting to wear holes in all of mine. Maybe a couple ties.
On Sunday we got back from church, and we tried to go visit some people, but nobody was home. So we ended up tracting for about 4 hours, with almost no success. People really didn't want to listen. But, in the last half hour, we found two people that accepted return appointments! The new problem we are running into, is trying to find Spanish speakers. We've tracted a lot of the Latino areas to death! But we are still trying. Last night we talked with a couple really drunk guys. They stopped us and wanted us to come over and teach them sometime. They were nice guys, just a little out of it.
Yesterday we had a big combined-zone activity behind the visitor's center. There is a big field back there, and we had the "Turkey Bowl". It was fun to be around a bunch of missionaries and play some good American football.
Family, the church is true. And it always will be! The Lord's work is going forth at a fast pace. I know Jesus Christ is our Savior. Testifying of Christ brings the Spirit. I love you all. Keep working hard, and the Lord will bless you for your efforts. Cuidense!
Con amor,
Elder Ross Watkins

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