Monday, November 29, 2010


This is Jaime's baptism!

Where to start???!! This past week has been CRAZY! Wow! On Wednesday I got transfered down to Hawthorne. It is just south of Inglewood. I really like it a lot down here! I'm probably a 15 minute drive from my old area, but it is pretty different down here! I'm still on a bike. We have part of the LA International Airport in our area, and another, smaller airport as well. There are so many airplanes!! I'm going to fly airplanes when I grow up. We cover two wards! One of them is Centinela 1st ward, which is the English ward. And the other is Centinela 2nd ward, WHICH IS A TONGAN WARD!!!! It is really awesome! We have tons of Polynesians in our area! It is awesome! The Tongan ward is really awesome! They have an interpreter that sits in the front of the chapel, and she speaks into a headset, and we put on headphones and listen to the service in English, while the speakers speak Tongan. The Tongans are really good at singing too! The sing the hymns so loud! Most of the people speak English too, so it makes it easy for the missionaries. So each Sunday we go to the English ward, then the Tongan ward right after that. Also, Tongans feed us really well! I've eaten so much food since Wednesday! I've had octopus, raw fish, and all kinds of other stuff! I don't remember what country I'm in anymore!
My new companion is a whole other story! He is Asian! He is a refugee from the country Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). He speaks Burmese, Karen, and a little bit of Thai. He came to Utah as a refugee because Myanmar is so dangerous. He came to Utah about 3 years ago, and he was baptized there about a year and a half ago. He has an "American Family" that helps take care of him, and they are the ones that are paying for his mission. He is really awesome! He's a pretty funny guy, and a really hard worker. His name is Elder Doh. He has been on the news in Utah because he has an amazing story! His name is Hser Doh, but he went by Chapter Doh in Utah. Look him up on the Deseret News, or just search his name on the internet, and he says you will find something about him. His language is crazy. I think he said that only 8 million people speak Karen, which is his first language. He doesn't have contact with his family in Myanmar because it is so bad over there. But he stays in contact with his American Family. This is only his second transfer in the field, so I'm "greeny breaking" him.
My new district is really fun, and multi-cultural. We have 3 white boys from Utah, 2 Polynesians, 1 Latino, 1 Brasilian, 2 Japanese, and 1 from Myanmar (my companion).
As you read in my president's letter, this area is really dry right now. We hardly have any investigators. It won't be easy, but we will find some people to bring unto Christ. We are teaching a lot of less-actives. But I really want to find some new investigators. We have a really awesome family we are teaching. We just taught the Restoration last night, but their mom is really skeptical about our religion. Please pray for them. We are also teaching a really nice black woman. She tells us lots of neat things, but she is really hard to keep focused. She goes off on crazy tangents for 15 minutes, and it's hard to stop her. But she is good, and we are hoping to bring her to the church for a Relief Society activity this Wednesday.
I'm kind of sad about the English switch, but I get to speak Spanish every once in a while as we do door contacts and things. I'll keep studying too, and maybe I'll be a Spanish Elder again someday. But for now, I will "Lift where I stand", which is good enough for me.
Oh, and we will be doing e-mails on Mondays in this area.
Mom, I got the Thanksgiving package! Thank you! It is really yummy! And thanks for the e-mail Tania! When is Alesha graduating? I'll be she's really excited!
I love you all, and thank you for your support! The Lord's work is going forth. Maybe in a different way now, but it is still the same work. I know this church is true with all my heart. Jesus is the Christ. He is our Savior and redeemer. The gospel has been Restored to the earth in it's fullness. God is our Father, and I love him. I love you all. Stay strong and keep doing the right thing, because it is way worth it!
Love, Elder R. Watkins

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