Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great Week!

Ross took a picture of these signs, he says there are many crazy, confusing parking signs all over L.A.

Hello!!!! We had an awesome week! Lots of good things happened! I have three of my companions sitting by me right now! Elder Doh, Elder Gonzalez, and Elder Reichman are all doing e-mail here at the family history center at the visitors' center. It's like a reunion!
I'm happy to hear about Rachael's wedding. I got a wedding announcement from them. Did you say they are our neighbors?? That is pretty awesome! How far do they live from us?

Welp, we have some sad news. Our main investigator didn't make it to church. He's not very interested anymore. But the good news is that we had tons of recent converts at church, and a few investigators! Woo! It was a good Sunday. We found a new family to teach, and the mom and her kids came to the classes, but they missed sacrament meeting. It is pretty neat because the mom is from El Salvador, and the father is from Hondouras, and he is black! So the kids are black and they speak spanish! It is really weird to see black people that speak spanish, but really neat.
We had a neat experience last night with prayer! We were on the streets at about 7:30, and we couldn't figure out what to do next, and we were all out of ideas. So I suggested that we say a prayer. So when there weren't any cars we said a prayer on the corner of 36th street and 7th avenue, then we waited to feel an answer. We thought for a second, then one of our investigators came to mind. Her name is G, from El Salvador. Her husband is a member, and she has been investigating the church for a couple years, but hasn't been able to get baptized due to some legal issues. So we went over, and they told us that it was really good that we showed up because they were having a hard time. So we sat down and read a little out of Mosiah 18 and talked about baptism. Then we set a baptismal date for the end of March!! I won't be here to see the baptism, but it was really good to set that goal with them!
Guess what? We are going to have a Family Home Evening with two of our members and Bishop's family tonight! Awesome!!! I love it when the ward works with us!!! Hey mom and dad, you should invite somebody over for a family home evening sometime (preferably somebody that isn't active or that isn't a member, or that is a part-member family). We are trying to have the members host FHEs for investigators and recent converts. eet ees beddy goot (say that with a Chinese accent and it sounds really funny).
We had a good experience with a man and his wife this past week! He got baptized last year when I was in this area, and a little while after he got baptized he got a good job on Sundays, and quickly went less-active. But then we got him to come back to church this year, and he got the Priesthood and everything, and his wife finally came back to church this past week! So we went over on Tuesday and talked to both of them, and they have been going through a really hard time. Then they told us about how they were going through a super hard time earlier this year, and they were thinking about divorce, but then they recieved a letter I had written to them while I was in Lynwood, and she said that helped them out a lot and helped keep them together! It was amazing to hear that a little letter went such a long way!
Guess what?! I'm SUPER EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! General Conference is the capitan of all church meetings. It is like Christmas for missionaries! This will be my last General Conference as a missionary. Maybe they will predict the earthquake in California. I know exactly where my 72 our kit is, just in case.
Thanks for the CD! I listen to it every day in the car! It is a really nice one. Very missionary-appropriate.
Welp, I love you all! I hope you have an awesome week! I know this church is true!
Love, Elder Watkins

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