Monday, September 19, 2011

Training a New Companion

My new companion, Elder Reichman from Broomfield, Colorado.

So, mom and dad, you got to know about transfers before I could tell you. Another new companion! It was a CRAZY week! We have been running all over the place dropping of and picking up missionaries, trainings, meetings, stake conference, and best of all MISSIONARY WORK!!!!!!!!! We didn't get very much time in our area last week because we were so busy. But the time that we did get was a huge blessing! We found some awesome people! Elder Reichman's first door contact we found a new investigator!!! We set a goal during weekly planning to talk to at least 10 other people evey day. So we had a little bit of extra time yesterday, so we left our car and started contacting. We had contacted about 7 people when a lady talked to us from her porch and asked us what we do. We explained to her what missionaries do and she started getting really interested. She told us that she needed a church in her life, and that she would like to talk to us another time. So we will be going back this next week. We set a baptismal date with a guy, But then he didn't go to church. Bummer. We are having a really hard time getting people to go to church. Dad, will you buy us a bus so we can have somebody from the ward come and pick all these people up???? For some reason, coming to church is always the hardest commitment. The P family didn't make it either. They are really hard to contact, but they have soooo much potential!!!
W went and did baptisms for the dead too!!! That was really awesome! She just got baptized 2 months ago, and now she is already going to the temple! We are going to have an FHE with her and her whole family tonight. Pray for her husband. We really want him to come to church with her.
My district changed a whole bunch! My whole district is made up of english speaking missionaries except for my companion and I, which makes splits a lot harder, because I have a Spanish area, and their areas are English areas. So either my poor companion who is learning spanish will be abandoned in the area with a non-spanish-speaker companion, or I will attempt to train other missionaries in a language they don't understand if I bring them to the area with me. I'll figure it out somehow.
Thank you for sending me my friends' e-mails! It's always good to hear from them. Tyler and David are almost done! Will they be back before Christmas?
I'm really upset about the whole Utah, BYU thing. I don't want to talk about it. I haven't heard anything about it here. Most latino people aren't into college football (actually nobody is into it).
Yesterday we had stake conference. This was my 3rd stake conference in this stake. You know what I realized today? I have been in this stake my whole mission except for the 1 transfer when I was in Hawthorne. It is an all-spanish stake. I want to go to our spanish branch when I go home and work with the missionaries there. Do you think that would be a good idea?
Welp, I want you to know that we are working super hard and doing our best at being super obedient. Missions are awesome. I'm really grateful that God has given me a chance to do this great work. The blessings are amazing. I know the church is true and God has a perfect plan for us! Love you!
Elder Watkins

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