Thursday, August 26, 2010

6 Full Months of Service!

Hello! Today is my official 6 month mark! It has gone by really fast! It is weird to think that I was just starting fall semester this time last year! I was talking to a USC student yesterday when we were at a bike shop, and he said school started yesterday. Our area is really close to USC. And the chapel we go to is across the street from campus. I also talked to a student from Taiwan, oooooh neat!
I tried attaching some pictures to this e-mail, but I'm not sure if they will send. So if they don't come, it's the thought that counts. Thanks for the pictures from Alesha! It sounds like she had a really good birthday. She is getting really really old, and is almost a woman haha. Oh mom, you wanted to know where I am in Los Angeles. I'm not in any of those areas you listed, I am right in the middle of "Los Angeles". From my area we can see the tall buildings of downtown to the east, and we can see the Hollywood sign straight to the north, and we can see the tall buildings in Santa Monica to the west. So I am in the middle of L.A. Oh, and thanks for the letters from Tyler's and Cory's blogs! It is good to hear how they are doing! You asked if I see Jordan Haslem. I've seen him a lot! This mission is so small that we get to see other missionaries all the time. I actually just saw him yesterday at Zone Conference!
This past week has been a really different week. We spent 24 hours in training meetings! We had four 6 hour meetings from Tuesday to Friday last week! They have a new way of teaching investigators that they just introduced at the MTCs, so they spent the past week trying to catch us up on the new stuff. It is super awesome! The new way of teaching involves a lot of "Inspired Questions" and listening to them to find out their needs. It really works well! And then yesterday we had Zone conference from 8 until 3, and Boyd K. Packer's son, Elder Packer from the First Quorom of the 70 came and spoke to us. It was a pretty neat experience. We all got to shake his hand too!
We had a baptism Sunday! Bryan Aquino, who is the son of our recent convert, Gema Aquino, got baptized. It was an interesting situation. The elders before us started teaching him, so when we got to the area we started teaching him, but we found more potential in his mom, so we started teaching her, and she got baptized. Then Bryan went out of town to live with his uncle for awhile. Then when he came back we started teaching him and we set a baptismal date with him. But he didn't seem to be progressing, so we dropped him. Then we were at their house last week to teach a lesson to their friend, and Bryan asked us if he could still get baptized! So we set up an interview for him, and he got baptized on Sunday! He has some mental problems we didn't know about, so we almost let him slip away from us. But his mom told us about his situation, so how he is baptized! He is a rebelious kid, and is a HUGE handful. You should have seen him at the baptism though. He was wearing a 3 piece suit and everything! Haha it was pretty neat. When we got in the water for the baptism, it was pretty cold. He didn't want to get in haha! I had to persuade him to get into the water. He got in really slow, and then we did the ordinance. I'll try to send pictures next week!
Also, on Sunday, Tania and Milthon were confirmed! It was nice. Afterword I went over and asked Milthon how he felt. He could explain how he felt. He said he felt good and that his skin felt like it had goosebumps or something. He couldn't really explain it. It was a good experience. Also, we found a really awesome family last week! We have been seeing some great miracles in our area lately! We went to go check a member, but they weren't home, so we started tracting the road. Elder Cruz asked me what way the Spirit was telling me we should go, so I said we should go right. We were just about finished tracting, then Elder Cruz started walking across the road to a random house. We went and knocked on the door, and a young woman told us her mom wouldn't be back for about an hour. Elder Cruz had a good feeling about it, so we went back after an hour. We knocked on the door, and we talked with the mom. It turns out that her husband just left her a little while back, and she has six kids at home! We will be going back on Thursday for our appointment! We pray things will work out well!

I hope things are going well at home! Good luck with school this year! Emily is going to love her senior year! And Lindsey will have fun at Junior High! Thank you all so much for all that you do. I am so grateful for our family and all the blessings we have! Thank you for your prayers. I pray that everything works out with the house too! I know this church is true with all my heart. I know that Joseph Smith is the prophet of the Restoration of Christ's Church, and we have the fullness of the gospel, and modern day revelation to guide us! I love you all!
Elder Ross Watkins

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