Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flat Tires and Great Experiences

The work is going really really well. We couldn't be blessed more. We have seen so many blessings and miracles lately, it is truly amazing. Elder Cruz and I are working well together. Transfer #4 starts on Wednesday, and Elder Cruz and I will be staying together in Jefferson Park. I am glad I'm not moving. I love this area and the people here. Our ward is doing really well too. Spanish is still a big hurdle to leap, but I'm trying hard to leap over it! I try to spend a lot of time reading the Spanish Book of Mormon, because I know there are promised blessings for those who read it in a foreign language. All I can do is work hard, and I know the Lord will make up for what I can't do. Hey mom, I finally finished Jesus the Christ! It is probably the biggest book I've ever read! But I've never learned so much from a book in my whole life! I really enjoyed reading out of it each morning! My testimony has grown so much of Jesus Christ! I know that he lives and that he is my personal Savior. God's plan is perfect. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have of His Plan of Happiness. And I am very grateful that I can have an Eternal Family.
Yesterday at Church I had a really good experience. It all started on Saturday night. We stopped by a member's house, but the member wasn't there, so we talked with his inactive son. His name is Luciano. He hadn't been to church in over 5 years! So we invited him to come to church with us. He wasn't too certain, so we said we would come by in the morning before church and pick him up, then we would all ride bikes to church together. So the next morning we went by his house and we all rode to church together. After we got there, we saw his mom there. You should have seen her when she saw her son at church! She went up and hugged him and said "I love you", and it made my day! She was so happy to see her son at church for the first time in 5 years! Then later that day, we went to the Visitors' Center with his mom and dad and a friend they have. We are going to start teaching their friend this week! WOOO!
We had another really good experience the other day! We got a referral from Church Headquarters for a guy who lives in our area. So we went over to his house and we started talking to him. His name is Mario. He works with an LDS man who referred him to the church. He has already read some of the Book of Mormon, he has read the Joseph Smith History, he reads the Bible, he has already seen "Finding Faith in Christ", and he reads "Jesus the Christ"! And he told us he feels that it is true! He already has a testimony! I was amazed while we were talking with him! He is a very nice guy too. We talked about how families are really important to the Church. Then we set up an appointment with him so his whole family could be there for the lesson! I'm excited to go back and visit him!
Today has been a really good p-day! We had a zone activity at the Stake Center and we all played volleyball and basketball, then we ate some really good Guatemaltecan food that a member prepared for us! I had a blast playing volleyball! I'm thinking about coming home and trying out for BYU if they don't draft me in haha! Then most of the zone went and hiked up to the Hollywood sign, but we stayed here with our District Leader.
We have been having lots of flat tires lately haha! We've spent a lot of time patching up tubes, buying new tubes/tires, and going to the gas station to fill them up! This area has a lot of junk and thorns on the roads, so the Elders here get tons of flats! By the time I get home my tire will be pure patches, with no parts of the original tube showing. Y asi es la obra misional.
Did you get the pictures last week?? I hope so. The computer was acting really weird, so I don't think they went through.
So Cory and Cody are both in the MTC! I've heard from both of them in the past couple weeks. Cory sounds like he is a pro at Russian, and Cody says Samoan is pretty crazy! It's going to be really weird when we all come together, because we are all learning different languages. Tyler and David are both Portuguese. Cory is Russian. Cody is Samoan. I'm Spanish. Hopefully they don't forget English, or we'll be in real trouble.
So how is everybody at home? Is school going well? I'm excited to find out when things work out with the house! That will be a good day! I'll bet everybody is really busy with school and everything! I can't believe Alesha and Andrew are both taking 18 credits! That is insane! I could never do that! They are both going to have grey hairs in no-time! Oh yeah, and how was their trip to the Dominican Republic? Did they learn any Spanish? DR Spanish is really different from Central American Spanish. They have a different accent and different slang too. My companion speaks with a DR accent because his mom is from there. I'm excited for Emily and her Senior year! That is pretty awesome! Is Lindsey going to play indoor soccer this year? Is dad tearing up the pavement on his two-wheeled terror machine? By the way, I really want to drive that when I get home. And how is mom? Mom if you ever get bored, feel free to send tons of homemade jam. The bad part about the jam is that my companions like it too. So it disappears a little faster than I would like. NEED JAM haha, the store-made stuff just doesn't cut it. Oh yeah, Dad, when I get home I'm going to BEAT you in an armwrestle. Left hand or right hand, you pick. And if I beat you, that means Andrew goes down too. That will be a nice day hahahaha!
Life seems better than it has ever been before. I'm happy and doing well. Thank you so much for your prayers. I hope everything at home is well too. I love you all. I'm grateful for this opportunity I have to serve the Lord, full-time, for two years. I know this gospel is true. Jesus is the Christ. There is no doubt in my mind that he is our Savior. Through him, we can have eternal happiness, and there is nothing greater than that. Let me know if there is anything you want or need. Pictures of certain things, or weird stories, or anything. Elder Cruz and I will keep working hard to invite others to come unto Christ. Have a SUPER week! I love you all.
Elder Ross Watkins

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