Monday, August 16, 2010

Baptism, wedding, soccer, waahoo!

This week has been really really great! We have been so blessed in Jefferson Park! Yesterday Tania and Milthon Hernandez got baptized! They are a small family we found when we were tracting about a month ago. Tracting really works! Tania is 28 and she is from Mexico, and her son, Milthon is 9 years old. They are both really quiet, kind of shy people. The baptismal service was really nice. We had two different musical numbers that invited the Spirit, and there were a bunch of people who came to support. Tania and Milthon don't really know anybody in the ward, so that will be the next step. Also, Richard got married yesterday!!!!!!!!! It was a good day. We went from a baptismal service, to a wedding, then we went to the visitor's center. Richard has been living with a less active member, Araceli, for quite a while. The Elders before us found them, but didn't get to teach much. So when we came into the area we were sure to commit them to get married. I think I've already told the story about how we made them dinner and he proposed to her, but I will attach some pictures of it for you in the future, because I can't get the picture thing to work today. It was really nice. It was a short wedding in the Relief Society room. Then after the service Richard said something really awesome he said "now I only have to wait two more months and I can get baptized". He is sooooo ready to get baptized. He comes to church every week, and they read and pray together and everything! We just have to wait for some things befire he can get baptized in October. He has made so many changes in his life! He overcame addictions and was wanting to take a different path in his life before we even met him. We just helped guide him to the path of true joy. I'm excited for the day when he will get baptized in October.
Elder Hopoate left us this morning. He is out visiting people he taught in the past with one of the other Elders who is going home with him. They will stay up at the mission home apartments until Wednesday, then he is out of here! Elder Cruz and I are going to work hard together in our area. Elder Cruz is a good teacher and he has tons of Spanish scriptures memorized. He is fluent in Spanish and English, so he will be able to help me out a lot.
Today we had a zone activity and we went down to The Jungle and we played soccer! It was SUPER FUN to play soccer again. I had a really really really really good time!
I got grandma and grandpa's package this week! Thank you so much for everything in it! I really like the big picture of the family, and it's hanging up with my other picures. A lot of Elders have pictures of girls on their walls, but I know that my family can be eternal, and only one girl can be eternal, so I don't even bother with pictures of girls (I don't have any anyway). I also got a letter from the Brundige family too!!! It is really good to hear from them! It sounds like they are all doing really well!
Well, I love you all and I pray for you. Keep doing well! I pray that the situation with the house goes well! That would be an amazing blessing! I'm glad the summer has gone so well for everybody! I know this gospel is true with all my heart. I have been so blessed in my life, and I owe everything I have to the Lord, because He has blessed me so much! There is nothing better in the world than the work of the Lord. And I am grateful for this opportunity I have to take part in this work. Have a super week!
Your son, grandson, cousin, nephew, brother, friend, acquantiance, colleague, and servant of the Lord,
Elder Watkins

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