Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beans Made By A Gringo!

We had another good week in Jefferson Park. We have some great people we are working with. How is everything at home?? I haven't heard from anybody except for Emily and Tyler for a while. It sounds like Emily is having a ton of fun at UHS! Woo! Those were some good years! I'm glad to hear she is doing super well! School will probably be a little more relaxing without Student Council and Drill Team too. Enjoy relaxing in high school while you can! But still work super hard! What is the news on our house? Is it selling? How are Cory's parents? It must be weird for them to have their oldest child gone for good! He sounds like he is doing really well in the MTC, so that is good to hear. How is work for mom and dad? Is Lindsey liking school?

This past week was a super fast one! Time is going by fast fast fast! Haha I have a funny story! I've been trying to make beans lately, because they are really yummy when the Latinos make them. I have already failed making them once, but I decided to try again on Sunday. The first step for making beans is to soak them in water for 24 hours. So I did that. Then the second step is to slow cook them for a couple hours. So I tried doing that. I turned the burner on a low temperature, then we left the apartment. About 2 hours later I thought "oh no! I left the beans on the burner! Our house is going to be on fire when we get back home! There will be smoke everywhere! I'm going to get kicked out of this mission! I need to go back home and check the beans!", so about a half hour later we arrived at the house. We could smell the beans from the street outside our apartment. I said "I can smell burnt beans!", so I rushed inside. Thankfully there wasn't any smoke. But I found a pot of dried, burnt, stinky beans. And the pot sprayed brown bean-juice all over the oventop! It made the house smell like coffee! And our apartment still stinks! It turned out that I didn't put enough water in the beans, and I left them on the burner too long, so it made for a really crispy mess! Gringos aren't meant to make beans, but I'm determined to get it right next time!

My mission is going really well. It seems to get better and better! Elder Cruz is a good companion. I'm thinking I'll probably stay in this area maybe one more transfer. But this might be my last here. I don't know really haha I just like to speculate.

Ooooohhh! Try saying this word: PARANGARICUTIRIMICUARO. It is the longest Spanish word I know! Spanish is starting to get better and better. It definitely helps having a Spanish speaking companion. He has a different accent than the Latinos here though, because his parents are from the islands.

Another funny story. Yesterday we bought chips and cheese to make nachos like we make them at home in Vernal. My companion is a Latino, and he has never had nachos the way we make them. HE LOVES THEM! He will probably eat them every meal until they are all gone. And, about 2 weeks ago, I showed my companion how to make Ramen the way I like it. He fell in love with Ramen, and he ate it every day until it was all gone!

Last week we had interviews with President Baker. He is awesome! He is a really good man. He used to swim for the BYU swim team too! He is a really smart guy.

I fixed another flat tire yesterday, and I had to buy another tire because my tread got a hole through it and the tube would poke through. I'm trying to not use my money from my home card, but we aren't allowed to use the mission money for stuff like bikes and personal things. We can use it just for food, hygene, and cleaning stuff.

I got to confirm Adriana in church on Sunday! It was pretty neat. It was in Spanish and everything! This past Sunday was kind of a let-down. Not very many of our people came to church, and appointments fell through. Sunday on the mission is either the best day of the week, or it's the worst day of the week. But the day ended up being pretty good, because we went up to the Visitor's Center with a recent convert and his wife. She is a new investigator. Elder Hopoate and I taught her a while back, but she wasn't very interested. Elder Cruz and I think there might be some potential though. We haven't been able to get her to church yet. Her husband really wants her to join the church and he really wants to have an eternal family. He has a strong testimony, and he shares it a lot. She just needs to find out for herself if the church is true, and that is what we are there for.

Our investigator should be getting baptized next month! He is the one that got married last month. His probation will end in October, so I'm really excited for that. He has recently missed a lot of church though because of work. But he is trying to find another job so he can go to church on Sundays. I wish we could just have a bus so we could pick up everybody for church on Sundays! Sometimes that is the hardest thing, getting people to church! Lots of people work, or they don't have a car, or they don't try hard enough to get there. Yeah. Mission busses. But, part of God's Plan is agency, and if they don't choose to go to church, then they don't want salvation bad enough. Or they just don't understand how important church is. Oh well. I still like the mission bus idea.

I know this church is true. This life is just a brief moment, and if we endure it well, there are many blessings that await us! I love you family! I'm so glad we can one day be eternal! I know that Jesus Christ's gospel has been fully restored in these latter days! I'm very grateful for the knowledge I have of this awesome plan!

Have a suuuuuuuuuuuper week.

Love, Elder Ross Watkins

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