Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This is the mission home, you can see the temple in the background. It is going to be demolished and rebuilt soon.
Elder Cruz and Elder Watkins

This is me first thing in the morning!

First off, thanks for the package and letters! The elderberry jelly is really really tasty! And the rhurbarb jam is as good as ever! They will be all gone really soon. And thanks for the camera charger! I can take pictures again! YAY! I'll try to attach some pictures to this e-mail.

The weather has gotten REALLY hot lately! I don't know where it came from! It was nice and cool last week, but then on Sunday the temperature went way up. I heard yesterday was supposed to be 106! We would ride our bikes to appointments and once we got inside, my whole body would start leaking sweat! The worst part is that most of the apartments and houses here weren't built with air conditioning. For some reason they all have heaters, but no AC. Our apartment was super hot last night. I took a cold shower before bed because I was really sweaty, but then I just started sweating once I got out. Hot! But it's all good because we're doing the work of the Lord! I'm sure this weather is nothing compared to Tyler's mission though!

Things have been going pretty well in our area. We have been really busy with appointments, riding our bikes all over the area. last week I went on splits with one of the zone leaders, Elder Ortiz, in my area. We found this old man , and we started teaching him. Elder Ortiz was really bold with him,. But now he is progressing and doing really well! He started reading the Book of Mormon, and he says he believes everything we teach him! He is planning on attending church next sunday! He accepted the baptismal committment, so we are planning on baptizing him in the near future! He is a really humble man. I really like teaching humble people. They are a whole lot easier to meet with.

I really liked all the letters from the cousins and aunts and uncles! I can't believe Drew got knee surgery! I liked the picture of him and Keaton running in the parade. I liked all the burned letters too! I would have done the same thing if I was there! I liked all the pictures grandma put in the packet. It's nice to see and hear how everybody is doing! I'm really grateful for our awesome family! We are really blessed to have such a united family! I don't know what I would do without them.

Mom and Dad! You are online right now! That is super craZy! This is the closest I'll get to talking to you until Christmas! hahah! By the way, I am serious. I want a Christmas tree for Christmas. 8 ft tall. Short needles. Maybe some snow too.

Elder Cruz and I are doing really well together. I'm betting that I stay in this area for at least one more transfer. President wants everybody to start staying in their areas for longer periods of time now. He wants us to stay for 5 or 6 transfers, which is a really long time, because a transfer is a month and a half long! That means I could end up only having four areas my whole mission! But whatever the Lord wants is fine with me.

Mom, have you ever heard of Arroz con Leche (Rice with Milk)? It is a really good desert that the latinas make. I'm trying to get the recipe from a recent convert, and I'll send it to you.

We are teaching a guy . He is the husband of our recent convert . WE have been trying to get him baptized, but he is a tough cookie. He has a testimony, but he wants time before he gets baptized. We don't want him to procrastinate his repentance, so we will work hard with him! Pray for him so they can have a family of members!

I love you all, and I thank you for your prayers and support. I pray for you, and I'm really glad everything is going so well at home! Keep working hard and the Lord will bless you! I know the true gospel has been restored to the earth. I'm very grateful for it's influence in my life.

Love, Elder Watkins

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