Monday, February 21, 2011


Making mexican sausage from cow cheeks and lymph nodes, the yellow is the fat.

Me eating Elote! Elote! which is roasted corn on the cob with butter, cheese and chili powder. I bought it at a street vendor cart. Delish!

This past week has been a HUGE ROLLERCOASTER!
To start off, last Tuesday, Elder Cottrell and I did missionary work the ol' fashion way: WE WALKED! We decided we would do a "finding day", and just walk everywhere and talk to everybody. It was pretty awesome. We talked to tons of people, taught lessons on the sidewalk, and went to our regular appointments. It was a nice change from riding bikes everywhere.
Then, on Wednesday we had transfers! Nothing changed for us. We are both staying here in North Lynwood. But they added a chunk to our area, so now we have a huge bike area! They probably noticed how manly I was so they figured I could handle riding really far.
. Then, on Friday, I got really sick! We went to District meeting, then came back home and I felt too bad to be able to work. I wanted to go out, but I felt too weak. Then I got some pretty nasty effects from the sickness. So we had to stay home the whole day. Then, Elder Cottrell got the same thing as me that night, so we couldn't go out until about 2pm on Saturday. It felt really weird to stay home and do nothing.
And here I am on Monday. We've been going through the purifying fire lately. The work is hard here, but we are too tough to give up. I'm just as happy as ever! It is amazing how we can be in the middle of everything worldly, but still hang on by our faith, and that keeps me happy. Elder Cottrell is a fun guy to be around, and we are working really hard together.
Hey WOO! I really liked the pictures that dad sent me! I put them In a little photo album I have. It's really nice to see the faces of my family! You're not that far away, but I still can't see you, no matter how hard I look to the northeast haha! Probably because the smog is too thick!!! haha! And thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Watkins for the great package! The cookies are really good! And thanks Grandma and Grandpa Merrell for their gift as well, it has already come in handy!
I love you all very much! I'm glad to hear things are so well at home! God blesses us when we follow His guidelines. I know that this church is true! I know that we have the direct authority of God. Have a super week!
Elder R. Watkins

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