Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nos mojamos otra vez

This is Elder Chambers from Kansas, He knows the Brundiges!

This is a picture of 1/3 of my mission.

Chili Relleno, one of my favorite dishes to eat.

This past week was a dandy one. We taught a family of 6 yesterday!!! They are new investigators. They are a referral from a sister in our ward. We met the sister there to have a lesson with her and the family, and it turned out going pretty well. The parents only speak spanish, but the kids speak both languages. We had a nice lesson with them about the Restoration of the Gospel. Then at the end of the lesson we all kneeled down, and the dad offered the closing prayer. It was great! But bad news, it rained all day yesterday! Nos mojamos otra vez! But it's all good. We ate with our ward mission leader last night. He is a really busy man. He works with 10 missionaries in this ward! That is crazy!
Today we played soccer for a p-day activity again! It was really fun. Soccer p-days are always the best. We played in the gym in the church because it was raining. We have a really fun district.
Last night we went to a fireside with a man. He is still living in his truck. We invited him to come see a baptism next Sunday after church. We are hoping he will come.
The district leader came to my area to go on splits with my companion this week, so I got to go over to Watts to go on splits with the district leader's companion. Watts is really ghetto. Maybe you have heard of South Central before? Anyway, it is pretty much the most ghetto part of the whole mission. Have you ever heard of the Watts Towers before? I saw those down there. It was GOOOOOODDD. When I came back from splits, my companion said he heard gunshot in our area while I was gone! CRAZY! But don't worry, we are safe and happy. Nobody ever messes with the missionaries.
We went and did service at the senior center again. They had a St. Patrick's party. One of the ladies asked us to help grab the decoration, and an old lady said "don't rub your religion on my decorations!" haha! it was soooo funny!
We had interviews with President Baker this week. It went really nice. He is a super smart guy, and he gave me some good insites. He said to focus more on the blessings and miracles we see around us. So I've spent a lot of time thinking about how much God has given me. Everything I can think of is a blessing. Some blessings are trials, some are gifts, and some are just day to day things. I'm really grateful to be part of this great work. I'm especially grateful for the opportunity I have to have a knowledge of the fulness of the Gospel. I'm grateful that we have a prophet today. Because without prophets, we don't have the church of God. I'm grateful for prayer. I'm grateful for the scriptures, that so many people died for, and did all they could to preserve them. This church is true. I couldn't ever deny it. I'm really grateful for the family God has given me. They are definitely the best. I hope you all have a really great week! Love, Elder Watkins

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