Monday, March 7, 2011

By Golly, I'm in my second year!

Me and my companion.

SUMMERTIME IS HERE!!!!! The weather is SO nice here! I'm really excited for summer again! I hope they keep me on bike this summer. It is always really nice riding home in the cool night weather after a long day of work. The work has been going well! We are working hard! Guess what! I got extra sick this past week, and I had to stay in again! I can't believe it! That is twice this transfer, and I've never had to do that before! It feels really weird having to stay in and do nothing. But now I'm feeling lots better, and we're out riding our bikes everywhere! The other day we had extra nice weather, and there were TONS of yardsales! I've never seen so many yardsales in my whole life! In just a few hours of riding our bikes between appointments, I counted 78 yardsales, 50 of which were on a single stretch of road!!! Latinos love yardsales, and it turns into a giant swapmeet!

I really like the e-mails from Grandma and Grandpa. It sounds like they had a nice journey to the other side of the USA. I'm glad to know that they will be returing just a few months after me. We'll have to go see them in the meantime. We'll have to come back here in the meantime as well. This place is awesome! Today for p-day our district went up to a big park in our area, and we had lunch and played SOCCER! Soccer p-days are always my favorite. It feels really good to play soccer again.

Dad, I like your journal entry. That is really neat! You'll have to keep sending those. Guess what? My companion said that I sleep-whistled other night!

The work has been great lately. 3 are ready to be baptized! It is crazy how we spend hours tracting and talking to people, and then people like Norma just fall into our hands when they show up at church! All three of them were able to come to church yesterday. They had been going a little to the Inglewood 2nd ward, and they met a few times with the missionaries over there. They have been prepared really well for the gospel. We are going to have their baptismal interviews this week, and we will be holding a joint-baptism with some other Elders in our ward next Sunday at 4. So there will be 5 people total added to the Kingdom of God on earth next Sunday! I'm really excited. South Gate hasn't had a baptism since December, and this is the highest baptizing ward in the whole mission! We have 5 companionships that work just in this ward! So now we are starting to see the fruits of our labors!

Hey Emily, have you ever heard of "shuffling"? It's a type of dancing, and all the kids here think it's really cool. But maybe that's ahead of Utah time. Dad says you will be driving a truck in the barn! That sounds awesome! You will have to share in a year! Thanks for the letter, that was really nice!

Hey Lindsey! Thanks for the letter! I'm excited to hear how soccer season goes for you this year! You asked me what you can do to get better. I think one of the best things you can do is lots of juggling. Juggling helped my foot control a lot. My legs were too long for me, so it was hard to control the ball. So juggling can help a lot, and running with the ball too. I'm happy to hear you wanted to invite somebody to church! Sometimes it is nice to invite people who are your age to come to Mutual. Then they can get some friends and they won't be too scared to come to church.

I'm gald to hear that things are going well at home. That is a blessing. The longer I'm out here, the more I realize how much God has given me. And He continues to give. His plan is perfect, and I will be eternally indebted to Him. I'm really grateful for such an awesome family to give me support. I love you all very much and pray for you each day!


Elder Ross Watkins

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