Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Conversions and an Ambulance

WOW WHAT A WEEK! Three of our investigators got confirmed in sacrament meeting yesterday, along with 4 other recent converts. The missionary work in South Gate 2nd ward is really taking a jump! It is exciting to see the fruits of our labors! One woman was sick, but she still came for all 3 hours of church, and she ended up going to the hospital after church. She isn't doing very well physically, but man doesn't live "by bread alone". She is much stronger spiritually now. I can't believe Jessica is getting married! That is really crazy! That is awesome that grandma and grandpa got permission to go to the wedding! Maybe they'll give me permission too....JUST KIDDING! That wouldn't happen in a million years! haha! I have a really crazy story to tell everybody: Yesterday we had a lesson with two people. We have taught both of them a few times, and this time we invited a Sister to come to the lesson with us after church. The lesson was at 3. She showed up, along with the two other members, and her son. So we sat in the lesson, a total of 9 of us in a tiny little apartment, and we started the lesson. Before we went to the lesson, Elder Cottrell told me that he wasn't feeling very well, but he decided to go to the lesson anyway. The lesson started getting a little contentious with the members. About 30 minutes into the lesson, Elder Cottrell turned to me and said "I think I'm going to pass out", so I told him I would try to wrap up the lesson as fast as I could. As she was talking, Elder Cottrell started turning really white, and his head started bobbing. Then shegot up to grab him, AND HE FAINTED! He completely lost consciousness and his head went back. The Sister grabbed him to hold him up in the chair, and she started doing something that looked a lot like the Heimlich Maneuver! Hahah! The room went frantic! As procedure goes, I called Sister Baker to get advice. Meanwhile, our investigator, was calling the ambulance! Hahah! Oh no! Then I asked Elder Cottrell if he wanted a blessing, and he gave me an unconscious "yes", which he doesn't remember saying. So I put my hands on his head, and started giving him a blessing. Then they layed him down on the ground while I spoke with the mission doctor, Elder Lymon. Elder Lymon told me to tell the ambulance to not take Elder Cottrell to the hospital, because it is really expensive, then he told me to wait 30 minutes while he drove over to where we were. Then the ambulance showed up and did their thing, and I told them that we had a doctor coming over, and we didn't give them permission to take Elder Cottrell to the hospital, and they had a release form we signed saying that if he dies it's our fault and not theirs. Then the members and investigators started feeding Elder Cottrell and they tood really good care of him while we waited for the doctor to show up. The doctor came and said that he would be alright, but that he just needed to eat. So we stayed there for a little while, the we were going to walk our bikes home, but the members didn't want Elder Cottrell to have to exert and energy, so a Sister (who is in her 60's) and (sisters son) rode our bikes home while we got a ride home from a Brother ! I got a picture of Sister Flores and Bryan riding our bikes, it was hilarious!! Then we got home and a sister went and bought us some food. Later on that night they all brought us groceries! It was really nice! But the best part about it: While we were waiting in our investigators' house, our investigator, , were talking, and when we were leaving, said she wanted to get baptized and she wanted Elder Cottrell to do to ordinance!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a day!!!!!!!! So, that was our day! We went back to the apartment and Elder Cottrell rested for the rest of the day. He has a recurring stomach issue that has taken him to the hospital before. His stomach was hurting him again, and he didn't eat very much yesterday, so he just lost it during the lesson. Looking back on it, it is really funny. But it was a little scary to see my companion faint during a lesson. This past week was full of lots of lessons. We taught about 21 lessons this past week. It was busy, but really fun and worth it! We even taught a lesson in a man's car! We are seeing a lot of activity in our area right now. Thanks be to God for his guidance in this work, or it wouldn't be possible. He has blessed us with a lot of people to teach. We went to teach a member of the church who hadn't been to church in years, and her boyfriend was there. We sat down and taught both of them, and he seems pretty interested! . Please pray for him! He didn't come to church, but his girlfriend came! I love this work. It is really hard, and really fun! And really worth it. I wouldn't rather be doing anything else right now. I don't have very much time right now, so I'll try to send pictures next week. I love you all. Thank you very much for your e-mails! I got a letter from Lisa Labrum and C-Bass Seitz this week. He is doing really well! Thanks for your support. May God be with you till we meet again. P.s. Transfers this week. Love, Elder ross WAtkins

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