Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Real Hot and plenty to keep two men busy

Hello again! Guess what?! I'll be staying in North Lynwood for at least 6 more weeks with Elder Cottrell. This area has taken a full 180 turn since I came in January. God has blessed us with a lot of people to work with and teach. And we hope to be able to baptize some (or all) of them! The weather has gotten really hot lately. We are doing lots of bike riding! How was Conference! I was soooooooo excited for Conference this year! I was really excited all week long! We preach about living prophets all day every day, so it is nice to hear from the person we tell everybody about. I really liked the talks about service. That is really important! I remember dad always telling me how important it was to serve. Of course, I didn't really want to, but now I'm starting to understand why it means so much to God. If we don't serve others, life doesn't really have purpose. Living for ourselves isn't enough; but to serve God (by serving His children), we find ourselves and our purpose in life! How awesome is that! I especially liked Elder Bednar's talk on revelation. That was a really powerful one! I'm excited to get the Liahona so I can draw in it and look at the neat pictures, and read the talks too. We watched the conference broadcast at the Huntington Park chapel. They broadcast it in Spanish and English. I watched all of it in English except for the last session, Watching it in Spanish is kinda weird, because you don't get to listen to their words, and the improv jokes aren't funny. But other than that, it was SUPER! We had a cool experience this past week! We were contacting and giving people pass-along cards in a giant park in our area. We talked to a bunch of people. At one point, there were a lot of people walking by us that we weren't talking to, then I picked out a woman in her 50s and went to talk to her. . She didn't have much time, so I just asked her if she would like to hear a message about Christ at her home. She said she didn't know her address, so I put down her phone number and that was pretty much it. I called her later, and she gave me her address, and she said we could come by on Sunday. So, after conference we went over to her house and sat down with her to share a message. After a few minutes of getting to know her, we found out that she was actually baptized in the church about 13 years ago! She had a lot of problems in her life at that time, and she felt like God had forgotten about her. We had a Spiritually moving lesson with her, and we set up a time to return and talk with her! I felt like God led us to find the 1 "lost sheep" of the 99 in that giant park! It was really awesome! I'm happy to hear that there are so many missionaries in our ward! That is really awesome! I'm really grateful for this time God has given me to find "His sheep" and do His work. At the same time, I feel like he is helping me to find the way. Life is really hard, but super worth it. I think it was Elder Ballard that said that we grow from the hard times in our lives, but we have to endure patiently. I love you family and friends. Keep enduring patiently. AND ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT! I love God's plan of Happiness for us. Cuidense mucho, y nos hablamos en una semana. With love from every fiber of my being, Elder Ross Matthew Watkins

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