Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Temple P-Day!

Contemplating eating the HOT pepper Me, the man, eating the HOT pepper!

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This week was temple p-day. That's why I didn't get an e-mail off on Monday, because temple p-days are always on Wednesday. So, I'm here in Santa Monica, in the basement of the Visitors' Center in the family history center doing e-mail with tons of other missionaries. Some missionaries from the San Fernando mission were at the temple having a temple p-day as well, it was neat to see other missionaries. The temple was really nice today. It's always really relaxing to go into the most holy place in Los Angeles. But, sure enough, we will be back on the streets tonight to preach the gospel.
Hey mom, I miss your zuccini bread.
Thanks for the letters. It sounds like you had a fun FHE! I really liked the update on my friend David too! We have a new rule in our mission; we're not allowed to read mail until p-day. So we get letters on fridays, then they just sit there and taunt us until we can read them on Monday! But this week we had to wait until Wednesday to read them because of temple p-day! Oh well, it's all for our well being I suppose. It's the same rule with packages, so don't send anything that could mold in a couple of days.
We didn't have any success bringing investigators to church this week. But we did get some less-active members to church! Our investigators are making really slow progress, but they are going somewhere at least. We have a really awesome lady who is interested. She was a member referral, and she is really interested. I think I already told you about her. She is from Nicaragua. We dropped by her apartment yesterday and gave her a Book of Mormon. She has a lot of faith, and she is praying to know the truth. It makes me glad to see people make progress! She just needs to make it to church! Her husband tried persuading me that it was OK to drink beer yesterday. I didn't believe him.
Our investigatorhas been missing and canceling lots of appointments, and we are having a really hard time trying to get her to progress. So we dropped by last night and she told us that she has been busy trying to get things ready to paint her apartment and put in new carpet. BINGO! That was our chance! We told her that we would help her with her project, and she happily accepted. Service tends to open peoples' hearts. Our investigator is going through a rough time. The bank is taking over his house, and he might be on his way back to Nicaragua next month. He has been reading in the Book of Mormon, and he said he is going to come to church with his daughter this Sunday! He has a lot of weird doubts because he has read a lot of books about "religious ideas", and he is full of false doctrine. Pray for him. He needs a stronger testimony. We got dropped by a couple investigators this past week. They didn't want to change. Carina's baptismal date seems to have fallen through. We can't seem to get her to church...or appointments. So we have been doing lots of finding lately in order to find some new people to work with. We had a really loud lesson with a new investigator . Her son was yelling and making noise the whole time, haha it was a super awkward lesson.
I love you all and hope things are well. You are in my prayers always. I know this church is true, and this is God's work.
I'm looking at Jordan Haslem right now! That's crazy huh!? And Ester Flake is right behind me! She's in Elder Haslem's district. He is a district leader, and a really good missionary! Easter was nice. We had a nice ward conference. Our ward is kind of suffering right now. Our ward mission leader gave up, and he's trying to get out of his calling. We don't have any ward missionaries either. It's been kind of rough, but the work still goes forth. Guess what! I ate a FIERY HOT HABANERO CHILI, then I manned through the pain and didn't eat or drink anything afterward! I did it at night after nightly planning. It made my face all tingly, and I almost cried. But I'm stronger than peppers, because I'm doing 200 pushups each morning! wow! que fuerte soy! Thanks for sending me pictures dad! It's weird to think that people are getting older, and everybody will look different when I return. Dad, did you get a new grey suit? I saw it in a picture that Tonya sent me. Sharp. I've been reading in the New Testament. Corinthians is a little weird, but I love the New Testament. It really helps me gain knowledge. There is a lot of false doctrine in this city. There are a lot of people here that try preaching to us. We've even been approached and told the we should join their church. It's rough, but it helps build my testimony in the end. I know this church is true. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I'm excited to hear that Alesha is graduating, and Emily will be next month! How is Andrew doing? Is Lindsey doing well with her soccer? I love you all. Please pray for our investigators!
Elder Ross Watkins

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