Monday, May 2, 2011

SO Busy!

This past week was soooo busy! We had temple p-day on Wednesday, special trainings on Thursday, a special meeting with Elder L. Tom Perry on Friday, and Mormon Helping Hands on Saturday, then a good day at church yesterday! It was sooo busy! The meeting with Elder L. Tom Perry was really awesome! Our mission combined with the Arcadia mission in the LA Stake Center and we got to listen to Elder Whitney Clayton from the presidency of the 70, and from Elder Perry himself! It was a really spiritual meeting. Elder Perry spoke about teaching and how we can be more effective teachers. When he went to the MTC it was only 5 days long, and they didn't have a Preach My Gospel. We are really blessed to have all of that. He said that we have the potential to be a really powerful missionary force because of the resources we have. Elder Clayton taught about reading the Book of Mormon out loud in the language we are learning to become more fluent. So I've committed to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish again! It has more pages, so it takes a little longer to read than the English one, but I'm going to read extra at night before bed so I can teach better in Spanish! For Mormon Helping Hands we went over to South Central LA and helped clean weeds and trash from the side of the roads. It was hot!
So all of these meetings and things took a little time out of teaching, but the Lord blessed us with great success this week!
I know this church is true. It is perfect. The gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect. And God's plan is perfect. Thanks to Mom and Dad for raising me the way they did. I wouldn't be here without them. "Shalll we not go on in so great a cause?" I love you all and pray for you. Cuidense mucho. Les quiero!
Elder Ross Watkins

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