Monday, May 23, 2011

Another super week

Elder Garces, me and Elder Carver

We had a great past week. Some bad news though. They took Elder Garces, the visa waiter, and put him with another Elder. The other elder's companion went home, so they decided to put Elder Garces in a regular companionship of just 2. So now it is back to just Elder Carver and I. But the work is still going really well. We've been working really hard to bring members to lessons with us. It is kind of hard because we have 5 companionships that are all trying to take the members to lessons with them. But members are a huge help when meeting with investigators. We even took some members over to visit one of the less-active families in our area. Missionary work through the members is the smartest way to do things, although it is quite a bit more complicated to line everything up with investigators and members.
So church. I was pretty bummed at church. Some told us they would be there, but neither of them could make it. But, some good news! We had an investigator go to church in Burbank! He often goes out of town on the weekends, so we got him the directions to the nearby chapels in Burbank (which is just outside our mission), and he went to sacrament meeting over there! That is really good news! Other really good news, we set a baptismal date with an investigator. We set for the 12th of June! It was awesome! She didn't make it to church, but I assume she was sick, because she was a little sick when we talked to her on Saturday night. We are meeting with her tomorrow, so we will see what happened.
Four of us companionships went to the church today to practice a song for Zone Conference. We are singing a spanish version of "Love one another". We are going to sing it in church next week too. We are having a missionary sacrament meeting. Each of us missionaries will share a short experience and testimony, and we are handing out referral forms for everybody to fill out during church so we can get some new people to work with.
Haha, funny experience: When Elder Garces was here with us, I had him use my bike, which only has front brakes, but they are really strong brakes. So we were riding down the road, and I rode through a two way stop, and saw a car coming, so I tried to signal for him to stop because he was following behind me. He didn't see me, so when he saw the car coming, he hit the front brakes really hard and flipped over his handle bars! hahaha! Thankfully he didn't get hurt, so I didn't feel bad lauging at him.
I know that this church is true. I'm really grateful for the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, because it proves the restoration! It is all true! I'm really grateful for the Spirit which guides us to talk to certian people. Last week we were riding down the road, and I saw a woman sitting at a bus stop. She smiled. We kept riding, and I felt a really strong impression to go back and talk to her. I ignored the feeling because we were running late to a dinner appointment. I told Elder Garces that I felt like we should turn back and talk to her, and he said that our dinner appointment wouldn't be going anywhere, so I decided to turn around. When we got there, the woman started crying because she was so happy that we turned around to talk to her! We wrote down her information and referred her over to the Elders in the area next to us, because she didn't live in our area. But I was really grateful for that experience. I love you all and thank you for your prayers!
Elder Watkins

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