Monday, April 11, 2011

Good day from the Pacific Coast!

Buenas tardes! And a good afternoon it is! Weather is perfect. Sun is warm. My farmer's tan is getting a little more intense. And the church is stil true! Times are good! This past week was full of hard work and lots of preaching the gospel. I decided to name my bike correcaminos. It is Spanish for "roadrunner". Neat huh? Hey grandpa, cool story about the car and the gas. That sounds really intense! Nobody made it to church this past Sunday. People are busy on Sundays! But that is no excuse. Other investigators couldn't make it, but I think they'll be able to make it next week. . We have a new investigator ! She is a referral from a Sister. We went over and taught her this past week. She is great. Her brother is a member of the church, but he lives in Nicaragua. She wasn't able to come to church on Sunday either, but this next week is her week! We set a baptismal date with a person ! We met her about 3 months ago, and we only had 1 lesson with her, then she was impossible to contact after that. Finally we got contact with her and had a lesson. She accepted to prepare for the 8th of May! Please pray for her. Hey mom, thank you so much for the package! I got it on Friday! It came super fast! I really like peanut butter m&ms! And the music is awesome! I have been practicing on the keyboard in our apartment, and I got to practice at the church today! It is really nice! Thank you so much! Sorry I don't send very many things home. I haven't sent a package since the MTC! Is there anything you would like from me?? I'm glad to hear that the family is doing really well. That is nice to hear. It sounds like your trip to BYU was fun. I saw the article in the Ensign for the art at the MOA. It looks really nice. Alesha sounds like she is doing well too. I really hope Andrew does well with his testing (or that they will just be really nice to him and give him the job haha). This morning for exercise we went on a run through Compton. I'm really sore. Riding bikes and running are really different. I hope you all have a great week! May the Lord bless you and take care of you. I'm really grateful for this restored gospel, and the chance that we have to be a part of it. We are way blessed. I've been reading the New Testament lately and I've been really impressed by the strength of the apostle Paul. He is a perfect example of enduring to the end. A lot of people really didn't like him, but he knew that he was on the Lord's errand, and that was the only thing that mattered to him. I love you all. Love, Elder R. Watkins

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