Monday, October 31, 2011


Pictures are from his new area. From the rooftop of his apartment.

Below is Korea town.

This has been a super crazy week for me! We have been doing lots of trainings and meetings, so it has taken a lot of time out of our area, which is a bummer. We take every chance we have to talk to people. Our teaching pool is kind of small right now, so we are in the finding stage. My new area "Los Feliz" is really neat! We have the church building in our area, so it is really nice. We are in the eastern part of Hollywood, so it's not quite as corrupt as the west side. We have Thai Town and Little Armenia in our area, and lots of Phillipino people. The are tons of Spanish speakers though, so lots of potential. Our area is right next to where the Hollywood sign is. The top part of our area is Hollywood Hills, and those are super ultra rich poeple, so we don't go up there very much (never). Our ward is awesome! It is called Barrio Cuarto (Fourth Ward) and the members are great! We have eaten with a few of them this past week, and they are all really willing to help with missionary work.
Elder Jacobberger is an awesome companion! This is his last transfer, so I will be his death companion. He is awesome! We get along well and work hard. He is from Medford, Oregon, and is planning on being a firefighter! We teach really well together too.
Soooo, today is Halloween. Halloween is not a good day for missionary work, so they are having all the missionaries retire from work at 5. But since today is p-day and p-day goes till 6, we won't get to go out and work today. Our zone will be having an activity in the LA Stake Center tonight. We are presenting the zone goal for the month of November. Then we will play games and sports in the gym until 7:30, then all the missionaries have to go back to their apartments and be locked in until all the wickedness of the world ends the next day. It should be really fun. We are having everybody in the zone bring food, so we will have a feast too!
Welp, things are going really well, but please pray for success in our area. We need more people to teach.
Try to say this phrase really fast "Cuento cuentos y cuenta cuantos cuentos cuentas." Then say this one "El mono le lame la mano a la mona y la mona camina comiendo mani." Then try to conquer this one "Siclopejico parasimpaticolitico de fosfato sodico de meta meta sona de motina de magiato con closferinomina."
I love you all and I know that this church is true! Take lots of luck! Hasta la vista!
Elder Watkins

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