Monday, November 21, 2011

Investigator to church

Buildings in L.A. , one is Church of Scientology

Beautiful California sunset

WE GOT AN INVESTIGATOR TO CHURCH THIS WEEK! It was the first investigator we had gotten to church since I came in to the area. Her daughter is a recent convert. We have been working hard with her to help her get a testimony. We had a really intense lesson with a member and her about the Book of Mormon. Her husband tries to pick out everything wrong about our beliefs during the lessons, but she is a little more sincere. At first she told us that she couldn't come to church, but then we pushed a little harder, and she said yes! She came for Sacrament meeting and liked it, but then had to leave. But at least she came!
We will be going to the Visitors' Center tonight with our bishop and his family and a couple of new investigators! We are excited. They tried dropping us yesterday, but then we explained that they couldn't drop us until they did a little more searching. The love the Book of Mormon, but obviously don't understand it well enough. Pray for them!

We were able to provide service to a lady in our ward this past week. We helped move all her furniture around her apartment while the carpet guys re-carpeted the place. If missionaries ever offer to provide service, tell them yes! Missionaries LOVE doing service projects.
People in LA are super busy. That is one of the biggest trials we have with investigators, being too busy.
We have the turkey bowl today in Santa Monica! We are excited to play some non-contact football and get all our manly energy that has built up for the past year out on the field.
We went on exchanges with one of the companionships in our zone. The elder I took to my area didnt' speak any Spanish, so I did all the teaching by myself for one day. It made me really grateful to have a companion to help me out. Missionary work is impossible alone.
Welp, I love you all and pray for you. I hope everything is going well at home. Keep being good, it's worth it! This is God's true church! It has been restored! That is some good news!
Love, Elder Watkins

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