Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving and Investigators

Annual Turkey Bowl, wearing the shirt we brought him back from New York.

Wow! We had an awesome week! I don't know if I will have enough time to tell it all!!! We met with a lady and her son about 5 or 6 times this week! They are doing really really well! He loves the Book of Mormon! They are both progressing really well. They came to the Visitors' Center on Saturday! The lights at the temple are awesome! The day before we went to the VC, we invited them to pray and ask God if they should get baptized on December 18th and if the church is true. While we were at the VC, he told us that he prayed and that God told him he should get baptized. Then his mom told us about an amazing spiritual experience she had with her prayer! She said she felt a burning inside her chest that made her cry. She said it was a feeling she had never before felt, but that it felt really good! WOOOOHOOOO! That's what it's all about! We were sooo excited! They are set for baptism on December 18th! They came to church yesterday too! He loved it! She was really bored in the last hour because they talked all about being sealed in the temple, and she didn't understand anything that was going on, but at least she was there! We are really excited for them. Please pray for them so that nothing gets in the way of them being baptized in God's church!
On Thursday, we were walking down the sidewalk and talked to a lady that was walking her dog. She is from Chile, and she used to meet with the missionaries and go to church, but she never got baptized! We will be going back this week to find how interested she is. She seemed really interested.
Thanksgiving! We had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner as a ward! We had a couple investigators come and they loved it! Then on Thanksgiving day we ate with a Mexican family who is investigating the church. They didn't make turkey, but that's ok. Chicken is just as good.
No more time! I love you!
Elder WAtkins

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